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suzuki studies

This violin program is built on the basic philosophy of the Suzuki Method, which is that all children can learn to play beautifully in a nurturing environment, and that talent can be taught and is not necessarily innate. The Suzuki Method was designed by Shinichi Suzuki, a violin teacher in Japan, who thought that music could most effectively be taught in the same way that language is learned. The child's environment is filled with the music they are to be learning. Technique and repertoire is broken down into small steps which are mastered, reviewed, and added to. Children participate in group classes so that they are a part of a bigger community of growing musicians.


Students receive 37 private lessons, group lessons, and participate in a variety of events and concerts over the course of the year. 

Daily Practice 

Students listen to recordings and practice daily.

Parent Involvement

Parents attend and take notes during private lessons so that they can act as home coaches, witnessing their children's musical journey through daily home practice. Parents play a recording of the pieces being learned daily so the student not only learns music by ear, but also develops a strong sense of pitch, rhythm, pulse, and musicality. Note reading is introduced in Book 1 so that students are also receiving a strong foundation in sight reading. Sight reading is an imperative skill for learning more advanced repertoire, and for playing in orchestras and chamber ensembles.

Group Classes 

Group class is where community begins, and creates a current of inspiration that pulls students steadily forward. Group class provides an opportunity for students to learn from their peers. Students hone their ensemble skills so that they can deliver polished performances to a variety of audiences. Group class participation is an essential part of our Suzuki Studies program. The community that springs out of these continuing group experiences is supportive and encouraging for parents and students alike.



Tuition 2023-2024

Annual tuition covers 37 lessons plus group classes and events that span a 12 month time period. Tuition is due in September or may be divided into 12 equal payments paid at the beginning of each month. There is additionally a one time annual event fee of $100 per child, due with September tuition. Tuition payments can be made using Venmo to @Tracy-Helming, or using Zelle to Tracy Helming (, or in a check to Tracy Wiggin or Tracy Helming. 


  • Tuition for a 30 minute lesson time slot, including group class, is $2,040, or monthly payments of $170.  


  • Tuition for a 45 minute lesson time slot, including group class, is $3,060, or monthly payments of $255.  


  • Tuition for a 60 minute lesson time slot, including group class, is $4,080, or monthly payments of $340.  


  • Tuition is non-refundable. Make-ups are not available for missed lessons by students.


  • There are additional fees for masterclasses, workshops, and piano rehearsals.


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All Videos

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