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teacher development

The Suzuki Association of the Americas offers a teacher development program through core unit work in the Suzuki books and through supplemental and enrichment courses. Tracy Helming Wiggin is delighted to offer classes as a registered Suzuki Teacher Trainer! 

Training is offered online and includes observations, demonstrations, interactive work, and lectures. Course materials include a syllabus, slides, supporting materials, fingerings and bowings, and access to a library of lesson observations. All classes are recorded on zoom and sent out to participants each evening.


Classes completed are registered with the SAA. Teachers may also audit (and fully participate in) a course if SAA required pre-requisites have not been completed. 

class offerings

Allegro by Fiocco

Every Child Can

September 10-11


September 10-11, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time


Cost: $150


Every Child Can is the foundational course for Suzuki teachers. It explores the philosophy of Dr. Suzuki that every child can learn to master an instrument, how the method is modelled after the way children most learn language, and how the study of music can develop the whole child, and nurture both family and community relationships. Completion of this course allows teachers to continue to study Unit 1.

Suzuki Violin Unit 1

September 16 - December 9 

September 16 - December 9 - through Education for Happiness 

Cost: $750

This is the foundational Suzuki violin pedagogy unit which gives a step by step approach to teaching beginners of different ages, provides a framework for left hand and right arm development, introduces tone development, and also addresses studio set-up. 

*Pre-requisite for this class: Every Child Can, a class which teaches the Suzuki Philosophy. This course must be completed and registered with the SAA before taking Unit One. In addition to Every Child Can, a simple audition recording must be sent to the SAA and accepted. Audition information can be found here:

Mendelssohn and More, a collaboration with Gabriel Bolkosky is coming in January, 2023

January 13 - February 17, Fridays from 7:00 a.m.- 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time, through Education for Happiness 

Cost: $475

A collaboration between Gabriel Bolkosky and Tracy Wiggin,

Mendelssohn and More is an SAA supplemental literature course which gives clear pedagogical steps for previewing, refining, and performing this beloved and demanding concerto. Requisite technique is honed using exercises, supplemental etudes, and Suzuki repertoire review spots. Musical choices are identified, and a larger understanding of Mendelssohn’s style is created through the study of excerpts from his chamber and orchestral literature. Class materials include a detailed syllabus, editions marked with bowings and fingerings to illustrate performance practices, supporting etudes and exercises, and short supplemental pieces that can be taught alongside this concerto. This class aims to make the Mendelssohn Concerto an attainable and accessible landmark along the Suzuki violinist’s journey. Gabe Bolkosky is a concertizing violinist and clinician, and served as Donald Weilerstein's teaching assistant. Tracy Wiggin is a registered Suzuki Teacher Trainer with a masters degree in violin performance from the Yale School of Music. 

Suzuki Violin Unit 2


March 3, 10, 17, 31, April 7, and 21, 8:00-10:30 Pacific Time


Cost: $425



Suzuki Book 2 is the Bow Book! Creating an awareness of the sounds and feeling of different bows strokes, and enjoying the artistic possibilities that come with them is the mission of Unit 2. We also explore hand frame development and the new keys associated with this delightful repertoire. And, a new world opens up as shifting and vibrato are introduced.

Veracini Gigue

Vivaldi Concerto in G Minor I. Allegro

  Gavotte in G Minor by Bach

 Twinkle Rhythms

Further Information and Upcoming Courses

To receive information about new classes offered, inquire about specific courses you would like to take, or for any other questions about teacher training and development courses, email here. Upcoming and past courses include Paganini Level 1 (Caprices 13, 14, 16, and 21), Paganini Level 2 (Caprices 20, 9, 2, 5, and 24), and Mendelssohn Concerto and More in Collaboration with Gabe Bolkosky, Lalo Concerto, and Standard Repertoire: Romanian Folk Dances, Meditation from Thais, Preludium and Allegro, de Beriot No. 9, Kabalevsky.

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