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Momentum Music School is built on a community-centered

approach that includes many opportunities for students and their families to build relationships with each other and the art of music. 

From group classes and concerts to master classes, retreats and international studio tours, our students flourish both musically and personally when engaged on multiple levels. 


The joy of sharing music with appreciative audiences is one of the greatest sources of motivation for musicians. We give recitals and concerts in many different venues and contexts. From a collaborative concert with visual artists, to a combined concert with 9 other studios and 150 violinists, to Bach in the Subway which is an international event bringing the music of Bach to public places around the world in celebration of the great composer’s birthday, students are given a vast array of performance opportunities.


The Flying Colors Performance Program offers masterclasses with extraordinary pedagogues to our advanced students. All students are encouraged to attend these masterclasses. Clinicians for the 2019-2020 school year include Ron Patterson in November and Elisa Barston in February!   

International Tours

In August of 2020, our studio will have an exchange with students at the Escuela de Música  Qantu Cusco. Violinists will share masterclasses, group classes, rehearsals, and will perform together in Cusco. Daytime activities will include daily guided tours to some of the the Sacred Valley’s architectural wonders and to Machu Picchu. Contact us for more information or link to family login if you're a current student. 

Studio Retreat

Fall Studio Retreat at the Flying Horseshoe Ranch.Group classes, performance class, chamber music, a play-in around the fire, plus horseback riding!  Reserve a cabin at the Flying Horseshoe or come for a day.  Horseback riding happens on Sunday. Save the date: 9/26-9/27 2020

Link to our monthly calendar for more details about our school happenings .



11/2-11/8 - No lessons 

11/15 - Group Class

11/22 - Recital rehearsal

11/26 - Masterclass with Ron Patterson

11/26-29 - No private lessons



12/8 - Studio Recitals

12/15 - Nursing Home Caroling Performance

12/23-1/5 - Winter break 



1/6 - Classes resume

1/17 - Group Class/performance class

1/31 - Group Class 



2/2 - Elisa Barston Masterclass for advanced students

2/17-2/21 - No Classes 

2/28 - Group Class



3/6 - SYAMF performers house concert

3/21 Bach in the Subway! 2:00-3:00 

3/23-3/27 – No classes

Fiddle Classes with Anne Rendle are being rescheduled for a later date, as are chamber rehearsals



4/13-17 - Spring Break

4/18 - Masterclass with Elias Goldstein

4/24 - Group Class

4/25 - Coffee Concert and Early Masters Collaboration



5/3 - Spring Concert Rehearsal

5/8 - Group Class

5/17 - Spring Concert



6/5 - Group Class

6/19 - 100 Days of Practice Celebration House Concert

6/20-7/5 - No Classes



7/31-8/2- Adam is in town and available for rehearsals/coachings


8/2 - Student recital with Adam

8/3 - Tracy and Adam give a recital

8/6-8/24 - PERU TOUR!