the suzuki method

The Suzuki Method has revolutionized music education. Developed by violinist Shinichi Suzuki in Japan, Suzuki named his program "Talent Education" because he believed any child could be taught  to be talented. It begins with these beliefs:

  • every child can learn

  • ability develops early

  • environment nurtures growth

  • children learn from one another

  • encouragement is essential

  • parental involvement is critical

  • success breeds success

  • mastery comes in small and continuous steps

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All children can learn to play beautifully, given the proper environment.

Children learn to play music in the same way they learn a language: through listening, imitation, repetition, and mastery of their growing musical vocabulary.


The community that develops from shared experiences creates a current of inspiration that help propel students and families through the necessary lows and highs of mastering an art form.


core programs

Momentum Music School begins with a vision that all children can master an instrument, and that in this process children become well rounded, contributing individuals. 

We recognize the learning potential that is unique to different age groups, and offer several programs that capitalize on the unique learning capabilities of children in these different developmental stages.

Teacher, parent, and student each play a role in developing the child’s ability. Each lesson focuses on one main technical point, and uses review of already mastered pieces to develop new musical skills. Difficult passages are previewed in new pieces to help the student efficiently learn new music. Parents take notes and learn how to coach their child through practice at home. 


Students (3+) have a weekly private lesson and 2 group lessons or events every month. There are numerous recitals, play-ins, and group events scheduled throughout the year.


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