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Tracy Helming Wiggin

Tracy Helming Wiggin is a Suzuki Teacher Trainer. She received a Master’s Degree in music performance from Yale University, and completed long term training with Teri Einfeldt at the Hartt School of Music. She has been teaching violin and chamber music since 1990, both in her private studio in Seattle as well as at institutes and workshops around the Northwest and Alaska. She has two children who grew up in the Suzuki method.

When I confront the job of practicing with my own children, or of inspiring my own students to practice, I always begin with the big picture in mind. Why do I put priority on learning an instrument? What do I hope my children will take with them throughout their lives as a result of these invested hours? Music has added a richness to my own life, an opportunity to connect with different people around the world through a common artistic medium. Playing music is a means of concentrating and expressing feelings for which I cannot find words. My violin has been my soul sister and constant companion in life, and my ticket to life's best adventures. The great Suzuki pioneer, Yuko Honda,captured perfectly the essestial reasons I both teach and find time and energy to practice with my own children. For her memorial program she wrote, Why I Teach. 


Savannah Helming

Savannah Helming has been a Suzuki cellist since age 3. She is currently a cello performance major at the University of Washington and studies with Saeunn Thorstendottir. She recently completed her Unit One training with Andrea Yun, and looks forward to continuing her Suzuki training in all of the books. Savannah worked for 6 years as a reading tutor for Team Read, a program within the Seattle Public Schools. Besides music, Savannah enjoys cooking, and fashion. 

Savannah offers cello lessons in Seattle on Sunday mornings, and group class on Friday evenings following the event calendar.

I have played cello my entire life. It is a source of joy, solace, community, and sometimes wild adventure. The teachers I have worked with have given me more than just the ability to play this beautiful instrument. They have given me a sense of confidence, reassurance, and have taught me how to figure things out for myself. 

I love working with children. I love sparking their creativity and imagination. It is my mission to fill their music lessons with a sense of accomplishment and wonder. 

Allyson Kramer

Allyson holds Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in piano performance from Western Washington University and University of Minnesota. Allyson loves working with musicians at every level whether it be teaching in her private studio, or accompanying. 

Most typically, Allyson serves as accompanist for teachers' studios in the Seattle area, WMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest, and Seattle Young Artists Adjudications. She served as accompanist for the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute for 20 years.

Allyson first became acquainted with Tracy Helming's teaching about eighteen years ago when her daughters began their travels through the Suzuki method.


At this time Tracy led group classes for a community of teachers; it was clear Tracy possessed the gift of teaching. Since this time Tracy and Allyson have collaborated in a variety of ways, but most importantly, Allyson has enjoyed working with Tracy's dedicated students and families at recitals, group classes, and adjudications.


Allyson is dedicated to music education. Because practicing is a discipline and not always fun, Allyson started a summer chamber music program, Vivace Chamber Players, in 2004 to show there is a reward for our hard work in the practice room, that reward being chamber music! It worked, and fifteen years later this camp holds chamber music, choir, string orchestra, symphonic orchestra, wind, brass, and many other ensembles for nearly 200 students. Music is a discipline, but when we can join together to make music together, we strengthen our relationships, our community, and ourselves!


Why I Teach Music
by Yuko Honda


Not because I expect you to become a musician.

Not because you want to play the violin all your life.

Not so you can relax or have fun.



So you will recognize beauty

So you will be sensitive

So you will understand more love and compassion

So you will be close to an infinite beyond this world.


I want you to learn

Never to give up when you encounter difficulty.

And I want you to know

Music you produce is one of a kind

Because you are very special person.


My children

When you are ready

Go out into the world and embrace your dreams!

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