new student info

Before signing up for lessons, take advantage of the opportunity to observe lessons! Observing the right students before you and your child begin your musical journey allows you to build focus, create expectations, and heighten motivation and excitement before your own child’s first lesson. I recommend observing at least three lessons before your child’s first lesson.

At the lesson you are observing, stay only as long as your child is still and quietly listening. This does two things: it teaches the focus needed during a lesson, and it keeps your child from becoming tired. Overtaxing the beginning student is the number one thief of motivation, so I keep our first lessons short and work with parents for the remaining lesson time.

 Contact us to observe a lesson in Seattle or attend a group class. 


Here is a list of supplies you will need to begin lessons. Order the CD early and begin listening to it as soon it arrives. It will be enormously helpful to have the music already flowing through the mind by the time of your child’s first lesson.

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Music Supplies


  • Capitol Music: (206) 622-0171. Your local music store! Please support them!

  • Bishoffberger Violins: (206) 324-3119. Local violin rentals. 

  • Robertson Violins: (505) 889-2999. Source for purchase of all sizes of instruments in New Mexico. They have a 100%instrument value trade up policy.

  • Carrabba Violins: (206) 283-5566. Violin and bow repair and purchase locally.

  • Sten Olsen Violins: (206) 783-7654. Violin and bow repair.

  • Shar Products: Good source for music and accessories.

Required Materials


  • Violin and Bow – center mounted chin rest, wood bow with horsehair.

  • Contoured Shoulder Sponge – medium size.

  • Notebook for parent notes.


  • Suzuki Revised Book One

  • Suzuki Revised Book One CD (William Preucil, violinist)

  • Nurtured By Love by Shinichi Suzuki

Suggested Materials 


  • Ability Development from Age Zero, Shinichi Suzuki

  • Teaching From the Balance Point, Edward Kreitman

  • To Learn With Love, W. and C. Starr

  • Stories of Composers for Young Musicians, Kay Kendall

Basic Repertoire

  • Revised Suzuki Book 1, CD with William Preucil, violin.

  • Quick Steps to Notereading volumes 1&2, Lorrain Fink.

  • Revised Suzuki Book 2, CD with William Preucil, violin.

  • 1st Etute Album, Whistler (Rubank).

  • Optional: Fiddlers Philharmonic, violin, Dabczynski /Phillips.

  • Optional: Christmas Kaleidescope, volumes 1&2, Frost.

  • Revised Suzuki Book 3, CD with William Preucil, violin.

  • A Tune A Day VOLUME 3, Paul Herfurth.

  • 44 Duets, Bartok.

  • Revised Suzuki Book 4, CD with William Preucil, violin. 

  • The Doflein Method, volume III: The 2nd and 3rd Positions. 

  • Solos for Young Violinists, volume 2, Barbara Barber.

  • Revised Suzuki Book 5, CD with William Preucil, violin. 

  • Scales for Advanced Violinists, Barbara Barber.

  • Solos for Young Violinists, volume 3, Barbara Barber. 

  • Canonic Sonatas, Telemann.

  • Suzuki Book 6 & 7, CD. 

  • The Fritz Kreisler Collection: All-Time Favorites No. 115. 

  • The Doflein Method Volume V: The Upper Positions.

  • Solos for Young Violinists: volume 4&5, Barbara Barber. 

  • 42 Studies for Violin, Kreutzer. 

  • Solos for Young Violinists: volume 6, Barbara Barber.